Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kick Off Post

There are a million people out there who would like to give you the next hot investment tip. They want to make you the next penny stock millionare, the next oil billionaire, or they want you to buy Lithuanian dairy farm bonds at 50 cents on the dollar because they know a secret that nobody else knows. You know, I know, and everybody else knows that there are plenty of ways to make a quick buck but many more ways to lose it.
     My name is Andrew Morgasen and I am a 25 year old MBA student studying Finance at Hofstra University. I have my license  to sell investment products (series 7. series 63, series 66, life accident and health insurance) but I would prefer to talk about something (anything!) else. In many ways I am the same as you and in some ways I may be different: I make money trading stocks and options, I lose money trading stocks and options, I trade on solid fundamental information, I trade on technical analysis, I trade on emotion (read: stupidity), I follow my own rules, I break every rule I set, I strive to gain new knowledge everyday.
     If you are looking for someone who is going to tell you exactly what to buy at exactly the right time now is the time to exit this blog and never return (actually never is a really long time especially for someone who is just starting up a blog and would be grateful for any and all interested readers). My point is that I will not be your Mad Money or Fast Money  because these shows do a disservice to their viewers. An excellent trader doesn't follow the herd; the herd follows the excellent trader.
    In Summary, If you are interested in commentary relating to top financial news you have come to the right place. If you like the commentary to be quick witted, amusing, often times sarcastic, and most times playful, I would ask you, kindly, to grant me your attention for a tiny fraction of your day, and you might learn something or even crack a smile. I look forward to people posting opinions both on the topics I address and on my commentary. You can tell me I'm wrong (I have been once or twice in my life), but please do so in a way that fosters communication rather than destroys it (response A: I disagree because blah blah physical silver blah) (response B: You @#$%%$  #!#$%#$ @##$%). I look forward to learning from everybody. 


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